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Helter Skelter Design provide graphic design services including brochures banners & mail templates in support of digital and print marketing campaigns. Take a look at our case study, to see the materials we produced for a client in the IT industry.


Responsiv Solutions launched a new product, Responsiv Unity.

They approached Helter Skelter because they knew that we understand both technology and the environments it is found in.


Chris Wright

Julia Masterson


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Mail Templates



Template Image

Retail Mail Template ImageThis image was created using a stock photograph and Adobe Photoshop to use in a mail template that we designed for the Responsiv Unity Campaign

Retail Banner Advertisement

Graphic Design ServicesThis advertisment was used for an advertising campaign in Retail Week

Finance Banner Advertisement

Graphic Design ServicesThis banner ad was used to promote Responsiv Unity on the Fintech web site.
Brochures banners & mail templates

Brochure Design

Graphic Design Services

This brochure is a downloadable info sheet on the Responsiv web site. The brief was to produce something modern and stylish that wwould deviate from traditional technical materials.

Creative Process

Marketing a technical product has to connect with two audiences, the people making the buying decisions and the people providing technical advice to those buyers.
IT practitioners are special. Highly intelligent, they will devour text, the more detailed the better. IT people want to know how it works. This is why technical documents are, on the whole, wordy, dense and unapproachable.

Managers on the other hand want to know that it works.

Our challenge was to address both audiences. We pulled the core messages from the text and amplified them   in bullet points and breakout boxes throughout the brochure.

Team Organisation

We don’t believe in design by committee. We had single points of contact within Helter Skelter and Responsiv who owned the project. This cut the corporate flab out of the process.


Its been said before, but the real benefit of using the Adobe Creative Suite is that we can move seamlessly between Illustrator, Photoshop and inDesign.

Product Delivery

We chose to design the banner ads first as the graphic elements would be common to both brochure and mail templates. Banner ads are built on Image – Colour – Brand – Message.

Market Familiarity

Helter Skelter are a creative company with a highly technical background. It was essential for this project that the message retained its technical impact without sacrificing accessibility.

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If you need a digital marketing campaign designed, or design for a marketing campaign, have a chat with us. We will make sure your campaign is effective, well designed and memorable. (When it comes to promoting ourselves we prefer to stay grounded in reality. That’s why our customers are happy with our work!)