A Most Remarkable Year!

I feel as though I’ve been dragged through the hedge backwards. When we started this business in March, we had no idea how successful it would be. We’re now hurtling towards Christmas, three projects on the boil and looking at the very real possibility of taking on some more staff in the new year. In a year when half the world closes down because of a life threatening epidemic, I think I’ll mark this year as a success.

Our latest project is a continuation of the work we’ve been doing with the artist Grace Currie. Working with ceramicist Ruth Gibson and poet Jean Atkin she has created a collection of ceramic jewellery, each item mounted on original artwork with a miniature poem. The proceeds will be donated to a refugee Charity in Shropshire. This is an example from the collection.

Through the Hedge Backwards

This will see e-commerce added to Grace’s website, she’ll be offering prints in a variety of sizes and formats as well as original artworks. We’re Shopify Partners and will integrate a Shopify store with the existing website, adding and promoting content throughout the year.

We’re very excited about this project, as well as being prodigiously talented, Grace has a remarkable back story which you can read about on her web site.

Grace and our core clients have one thing in common, they all love the work they are doing. If I feel as though I’ve been dragged through the hedge backwards by the weekend, it’s because every week is a kaleidoscopic whirl through many different lenses. This quality is what made IBM so interesting to work for twenty years ago, and at Helter Skelter we have it in spades – Video, Photography, Marketing, Web Site and Graphic Design. The benefit of a well travelled life is that you can bring it all together and create something special. There is no substitute for experience!

In other news, the work we’ve been doing for Learning Cultures is starting to bear fruit, after the government threw education to the wolves this year, schools are beginning to find their feet and there is a feeling that online learning is not something to put off any longer. We’ve been involved from the beginning, building a website for the online presence and creating a number of courses to fill it. Now we’re picking up the promotional baton with SEO for the Learning Cultures website.

Security Wise of Shrewsbury were the company that started this ball rolling and having taken over the management of all of the group’s websites, we’re pushing on with SEO and PPC campaigns for the Security Wise site. We migrated their sites, lock stock and barrel to new, Google managed servers where they are running faster, maintained and updated regularly and shooting up the rankings.

We started working seriously with content as a result of observing just how bad many people are at it. We’ve been providing images and video for years via Helter Skelter Studios,¬†working with brands and even high street names, we’ve seen just about every mistake in the book. It’s no secret now that Google values content over headlines and our philosophy is that if you create valuable content that offers the viewer something worth having, then the rankings will come. It’s no longer just about keywords and backlinks.

With Security Wise our brief was to promote Smart Technology in support of their partnership with Control4. As a part of this we created a Facebook Page for Smart Technology featuring not just Security Wise content, but interesting content from other sources. The result? For the search terms Smart Technology Shrewsbury and Smart Technology Shropshire, the page was ranked at #1last week. The rewards are accruing gradually but they will continue accruing as long as the page is kept fresh. In the new year we will consolidate with Local SEO.

Dragged Through the Hedge Backwards?

A typical week now includes Video, Animation, Web Site Design, SEO, PPC and Photography. Yes it’s like being dragged through the hedge backwards but we’re more than happy. Helter Skelter Design pulls a lot of skills together that have been amassed over a twenty year career including stints with IBM, the BBC, BSkyB and back in the mists of time the New Media company Clockwork Web where we managed sites for Red Dwarf & Pete Townshend of the Who. It’s been a rollercoaster ride but we wouldn’t have it any other way!