Website Design & Digital Marketing

Website Design and Digital Marketing are so closely related as to be indivisible. “Build it and they will come” is a pipe dream. The work has only just begun!

Think about this – it should be obvious that without a website, digital marketing is a non-starter. The whole point of digital marketing is to drive potential customers towards a better awareness of a brand, towards considering a product as a possible fit for there requirements or towards actually purchasing that product. What may not be so obvious is that a website without a marketing campaign is also a non-starter! Ask any Blogger..

The kicker is that SEO alone is a long game – it takes up to six weeks for Google to adjust its rankings based new content. Regular posts help but it takes time to build an audience.

In tens of time, Digital Marketing can produce early results. Social Media is a medium term solution, relying as it does on building followers and click through percentages. SEO is a long term solution bringing solid measurable results, repeat visitors and engagement. All of which can feed into a Digital Marketing campaign to make it more efficient.

Good Digital Marketing starts with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). If the website has good SEO then you have a good chance of being found in Search which adds credibility and eventually your digital marketing budget can be used to drive consideration and conversion.

Good SEO

  1. The web site should have a site map and must be indexable by search engines. In WordPress, both of these things can be achieved with an SEO plugin such as Yoast or Rank Math.
  2. The quality of the content should be relevant, easy to read, original and useful. Stay on topic, do not copy content from other sites and make the content valuable.
  3. Choose a good key phrase – something that people might search for and that you can use in the text of your post.
  4. There should be links – ideally pointing in towards the website from another website with a good trust rating. This is harder to achieve and I wouldn’t waste money with “link builders”. If your content is good, the links will come. You also need links pointing out towards other useful websites – this is counted as “value” by Search Engines.
  5. Fourthly, the website needs to be updated, regularly. This means posts. At least once a month, if not more. Google loves new content as much as it hates stale websites.

Getting the SEO right is a good start. It encourages a higher placing in Search ratings and will encourage traffic. We are SEO experts and will happily help you to tweak your SEO until it makes a difference.

Digital  Marketing

In our view, digital marketing begins with a post. You want people to read what you have to say. So link to the post from your social media accounts. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. This points readers towards your web site. If the content is interesting and useful they will probably bookmark it and come back. This is how you build an audience.

The principle is that all roads should lead to your website. That is where the real value is.

Pay per Click

PPC advertising is extremely popular. Google have made into a billion dollar industry. Facebook are not far behind. LinkedIn and Twitter also play in this area. The principle is that ads are allocated to content on the basis of an auction. The advertiser can target groups of individuals based on a variety of criteria – location, age, marital status, interests etc. By using the infamous “Facebook pixel” or its equivalent, the power of remarking can be brought to bear. Haven’t you ever wondered how come advertisements show up in your feed for precisely the type of thing you were searching for recently?

We carry out website design and digital marketing, we are certified in Google Search, Display and Video Ads, the most popular and arguably most effective of the many types of advertisement Google support. Why Google? Because 90% plus of the world’s searches are performed on Google. It would be foolish to ignore them!

We will revisit Google Search in another post. But if you’re interested in discussing the application of SEO & Digital Marketing to your business, do give us a call. The number is at the top of this page.

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