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Learning Cultures Online

Learning Cultures Online

Learning Cultures are a Shropshire based company providing CPD courses for teachers through


Chris Wright
Vivianne Howard
Glynis Frater


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Learning Cultures Online
Learning Cultures Online
Learning Cultures Online
Learning Cultures Online

Creative Process

We create courses using a methodology drawing on experiences gained at the University of North London and IBM

Learning Cultures Online

Covering all aspects of online course delivery from design to choice of platform and delivery. Mixed media offerings are both engaging and informative. Video, Animation, 360° Video and Photography are used in our courses and we bring the production standards you would expect with 20 years of TV Production experience.

Market Research

We aim to equal or out perform the competition in every sector we work in. We analyse existing offerings building on strengths and eliminating weaknesses.


We build the course outline collaboratively in a shared document, colour coded to indicate types of media. When this document is complete we move to the build process.

Choice of Platform

Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard and Absorb are a few of the platforms we use. Choosing the right platform affects both user experince and budget.

User Testing

We believe user testing is vital to  the success of a course. That is why all of our courses are trialled with real participants in a real environment so that we can see what works well and what can be improved.

Learning Cultures online

The content of the courses that we create is exhaustively analysed and tested, these are materials that have been presented in dozens of schools. However online, the user experience is critical. We work to the same high standards that we bring to our website design including:


Elegant Design

Responsive Design

Creative Ideas

Learning Cultures Online Course Content

I have worked with Helter Skelter over several months now to develop an online platform for our coaching and training courses for education. Throughout the whole experience I know I have been in safe hands. Chris’s technical ability, patience and creativity have been invaluable. As a result, the end results are professional, original and reassuringly flexible for the user. Chris and his partner Viv make an outstanding team, their skill set is complementary and as a result of their talents I have a product that I feel very proud of and ready to take to market.

Glynis Frater

Director of Education, Learning Cultures

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